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April 2016 President’s Message & ChapterGram

by Chris Murphy, CPCU on April 1, 2016

Download Handout from April 19 Chapter Meeting (Certificates of Insurance – by Dean Brooks)

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April Meeting Registration Page

You are never too old for some fun. No matter where I am, I love to laugh and joke around. In March, I forgot to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and was actually pinched for it by a co-worker. I recently read about a business closing and immediately thought it was an early April Fool’s joke. Although April Fool’s Day is an unofficial holiday, it is enjoyed by many. I am concerned about what my colleagues have in store for me on April 1st but I look forward to having a little fun at work. Hopefully without any pinching this time!

Our March ethics meeting was a change of pace from our past March meeting format. Instead of a half day meeting with continuing education credit, we went to DMACC Bistro in Ankeny for dinner and heard from Russ Sporer about ethics. The meeting was well received, with good food and an opportunity to build relationships. I am looking forward to our April meeting speaker, Dean Brooks, who will be sharing his thoughts and knowledge on the Certificate of Insurance. We will be at a great location, Glen Oaks, on the 19th for lunch and I hope you will be able to join us.

The DMACC Bistro was a new meeting location for us. If you have other ideas about different venues you would like to see us try, we are always open to suggestions. It might only be April, but our planning for 2017 is right around the corner.

Unexpectedly, I was unable to attend our March ethics meeting and was disappointed. Fortunately, I had an opportunity to listen to a webinar on employee engagement and remote employees. We, as employees, want to know what we do is meaningful. We want to know we are trusted and supported by our management.

How do we tell others they are important and what they do is meaningful? The number one way to engage employees is to talk to them. Our jobs are all about relationships whether it is with our co-workers, agents, vendors or the end customer.

Our chapter offers many excellent ways for you to meet others and develop relationships within our industry. I encourage you to get involved in the Iowa CPCU Society by joining our chapter board, coming to our monthly meetings, or joining us for other networking opportunities.

We are pleased to announce Bruce Kelley will be leading our Past Presidents committee and we all look forward to his leadership. If you are interested in helping lead the chapter, we are still looking for volunteers for the Diversity Committee and the Champion Committee as well as someone who would be interested in taking on the chapter Historian role.

- Dalith Wells, President, Iowa Chapter

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