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March 2018 President’s Message & ChapterGram

by Chris Murphy, CPCU on March 4, 2018

March ChapterGram

Register for the March Ethics Meeting at EMC

I've always loved March, it is when we see the end of winter and the arrival of spring. I associate spring with a time for new growth and opportunity, renewal and the promise of new beginnings. It is a hopeful time after a long, dark winter.

For CPCUs it is also Ethics month, a time to affirm our commitment to leading ethical lives. As insurance professionals, CPCUs, and members of society, we should always strive to act in the highest ethical manner. As a CPCU we are bound by the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct which includes placing the public interest above our own, aspiring to raise the professional and ethical standards of the insurance and risk management profession, and assist in improving the public understanding of insurance and risk management.

The CPCU Society website has some great resources on Ethics, which you can find here.

The Iowa Chapter exists and is able to provide activities and programming thanks to our all-volunteer board. We are always looking for individuals interested in getting more involved with CPCU. We currently have openings on the board for the website development committee, Diversity Chair, and photographer. If you are interested in any of these openings - please let me know, we'd love to have you join us!

Finally, we are trying a new format for the ChapterGram this month by incorporating it into email. Let us know if you like this change or prefer the old format.

- Stephanie Wells, President, Iowa CPCU Society Chapter

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