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September 2017 President’s Message & ChapterGram

by Chris Murphy, CPCU on September 1, 2017

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I hope you all had a wonderful summer! It is that time of year where we once again start congratulating our New Designees.  This year we had 31 New Designees and had our first celebration of their accomplishment at Wellman’s on August 24th. It was a great event. Thank you to all who made it possible.

The annual meeting, in Orlando, FL, is September 15th - 19th, with the Confirmation and Opening ceremony occurring on Saturday, September 16th. This year the reception following the opening meeting will be held at Epcot and should be a great event for all of the New Designees in attendance.

We cap off the New Designee events with our local conferment during I-Day on November 2nd at the Holiday Inn – DSM Airport. Not only will we have some amazing speakers at I-Day, but this year we will also celebrate the 65th anniversary of our local chapter, along with the 30th anniversary of the Grinnell sub-chapter and 10th anniversary of the North Central sub-chapter.

This summer we also had some great events. First, we held a picnic that included the new Fire Safety House. The event was very fun and educational for both members and their kids. This event was then followed up with our Golf Event, which was a great success. The tournament was held at Willow Creek on August 3rd with 44 golfers in attendance. Total profits from this event were $2,220.98 and will go towards our annual commitment of $2500 to the Fire Safety House.

The final event of the summer is our annual Good Works project volunteering at the 2017 Meals from the Heartland event. This is always a fun event, and, no doubt, will be great again this year.

Besides I-Day, we have three events left for 2017 in September, October, and December. Our September Chapter meeting is on Thursday, September 21st, from 3:00-5:00 PM, and will be at the Jasper Winery. This will be a very fun event and includes a VIP wine tasting, tour of the winery with a discussion on how their wine is made, as well some general history of both Jasper Winery and the Iowa wine industry as a whole. Come join us for a fun evening! The October meeting will have speaker Brian Hemesath, Managing Director for Global Insurance Accelerator and our final meeting in December will feature speaker Travis Green, Program Chair for DMACC CAD Department, discussing 3D printing. Look for more details and sign up on our website.

Turning focus to the recent weather events, I am sure all of you have been watching the impacts of Hurricane Harvey and the historic amounts of flooding and other damage. Although here in Iowa we were not directly impacted, it is times like this that make me glad to be part of the insurance industry. The stories of various companies jumping into catastrophe mode and helping before, during, and after initial landfall have been great, not to mention the overwhelming response by average citizens.

Thank you all for your continued support of our great chapter. Please feel free to reach out to me or any of our leadership if you would like to become more involved with the chapter now or in the future.

- Adam Haugerud, President, Iowa CPCU Society Chapter

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