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Congratulations New Designees!

by Robert Conroy, CPCU, CIC on September 12, 2014

  • Jason Aarni, The IMT Group
  • Wallace Almquist III, Liberty Mutual
  • Jessica Bartello, The IMT Group
  • Christy Bellinger,  Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance
  • Michael Berven, Nationwide
  • Erick Biggs, FBL Financial Group
  • Meggin Blue, NCMIC Group
  • Joseph Brott, Nationwide
  • Jerry Burns, Jr, Liberty Mutual
  • Jeremy Butanis, FBL Financial Group
  • Brenda Carr, Auto-Owners Insurance
  • Terrence Clarkson, Nationwide
  • Amber Cole, Continental Western Group
  • Tom Craig, FBL Financial Group
  • Grant Fiihr, GuideOne Insurance
  • Michael Hickman, Nationwide
  • Michelle Ingle, FBL Financial Group
  • Oren Kennedy, Nationwide
  • Alex Koster, Nationwide
  • Nicholas Kraft, Marsh, Inc
  • Alyssa Lentz, The IMT Group
  • Eric Marovets, EMC Insurance Companies
  • Daniel Murphy, FBL Financial Group
  • Amy Nederhoff, EMC Insurance Companies
  • Stacy Parker, Marsh Inc
  • Freda Pearce, FBL Financial Group
  • Jeff Sanders, State Farm Insurance
  • Catherine Sebolt, Liberty Mutual
  • Sheila Smith, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance
  • Michael Spielmann, FBL Financial Group
  • Wesley St Clair, The IMT Group
  • Caitlin Stewart, EMC Insurance Companies
  • Adam Trowitch, The IMT Group
  • Joseph Uhlemann, Mercer H & B Admin
  • Teri Vavricek, Nationwide
  • Joe Woodward

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