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Affiliation Update From Steve McElhiney, CPCU

by Robert Conroy, CPCU, CIC on February 6, 2012

As you know, the CPCU Society and The Institutes have formally entered into an affiliation. I know there is a general sense of excitement about what we are doing, so I am pleased to give you an update.

Our first priority is you, the CPCU Society members. We have taken several steps to ensure that our CPCU Society increases capacity to meet your needs.  First, we have examined our vision, mission and strategy to be sure The Institutes are aligned with the CPCU Society's members and other customers.

This was an important initiative to help us better understand how members see the Society adding value. In conjunction with The Institutes, we have already undertaken several surveys and interviews to help collect member feedback. For example, we recently surveyed members, non-members, chapter and interest group leaders, and employers. Additionally, volunteer CPCU Society leaders have traveled around the country speaking with chapter leaders and members to find out what they need.

Secondly, we have enhanced our strategies to be more closely aligned with the direction you want the CPCU Society to go. The results of the surveys illustrated that one of the key membership and employer success factors is the desire for more access to updated, practical technical education. This is perfectly aligned with The Institutes and demonstrates one of the many benefits of the affiliation. We will be introducing new initiatives shortly that provide this access. Additional initiatives include enhancing CPCU as the leading designation in the property-casualty insurance industry and developing ways for, and increasing awareness of, the many ways that CPCUs give back to their industry, to the CPCU designation, and to their communities. By anchoring these initiatives in the CPCU Society’s expressed needs, we make sure we are adding the most value to CPCU Society members as possible.

One of the primary affiliation benefits to the CPCU Society is the dramatically increased access the CPCU Society will have to The Institutes' substantial resources. We are now in the process of designing processes and aligning resources with The Institutes to better deliver on these initiatives.

A part of this alignment is staffing. From the beginning of the affiliation process, both organizations agreed that staffing would be driven by overall strategy; changes in strategy necessitated staffing changes. Based on direct feedback from CPCU Society members, non-member CPCUs, Chapter and Interest Group leadership, and employers, the CPCU Society and The Institutes articulated the overall strategy for the CPCU Society. We then considered the processes needed to support the strategy and, from the processes, we determined the skills required to drive the processes. Those skill needs ultimately guided our staffing decisions, including the positions needed and the competencies each would require. While such decisions are never easy, we are confident that we have the right combination of talents to achieve our goals. We will send out a list of staff contacts shortly, under separate cover.

Finally, we have already begun to realize some affiliation benefits. For example, chapters told us that they would like to access to CPCU students as soon as they start studying, so chapter members can reach out to and help students as they go through their course of study. Through the affiliation, chapters have been provided lists of brand new student names so they can contact, assist, and demonstrate the value of The CPCU Society at the earliest possible time. Many more initiatives are in process as we start to work more closely with The Institutes. As these projects are rolled out, we will continue to keep you informed.

This historic affiliation between our CPCU Society and The Institutes represents a great opportunity for both organizations. We look forward to be better able to serve you, the CPCU Society members, in the future. We thank you for your continued support and seek your continued input to how we can serve you better.


Steve McElhiney, CPCU, MBA, ARe, AIAF 2011-2012 CPCU Society President and Chairman

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